Attitude Reflects Leadership Captain

from by BTNKS



ft. Sergeant Spin and Sir Spectacle

Game time, this is mine, 4th quarter finish line
Do a line, sit back unwind, and rewind
Emotions in slow motion, man I’m wavy as an ocean
Sea sick, butterflies, I’m last picked, pick up sticks
Shot clock, tickin down, clickin rounds I’m onto it
I’m onto this, no time to piss, just pick me coach I’m on the list
Hold up, wait a minute, Can’t stop now I’m in to win it
Roll around, roll bounce, bow wow on me bout to pounce,
But cock, click, boom, Shocked everybody in the room,
Wrong game, so lame, now I’m fallin to my doom.
The streets look a lot like the lane, blood now pourin down the drain
Innocent bystander droops his mane, grippin the hole where red liquid poured out his vein.

I’m ready coach, put me in. No, take me out! ...this again
Throw up a prayer, miss again, now I’m double dribbling
Try to pass, I turn it over, it’s like I want their team to win
Coach is screamin at me, I can see his patience wearing thin
Man, what the hell happened to all of those hours of practicing?
Can’t take the pressure, I’m even less sure than I was back then
But now I’m here, I feel the fear, when will this nightmare end?
I’m even worse at scoring than my feeble attempts to defend
Time out, I call out, 15 seconds on the clock
Run into the locker room, man I wish it had a lock
Coach is right behind me, says “Sir Spec, you need to knock it off
Your body’s in the game, but where’s your head? I think it’s lost”
“Intimidation, coach; gets me every time
Seems the only time I have a shot is at the free throw line”
“Son, step up your mental game! Why you think these fans all came?
To see you put yourself to shame? You little bitch!”
Spectators are heckling as I run back onto the court
It’s quite alright though cuz it only makes me want it more
I take the ball, I’m angry; I try to force it, nope
Almost lose possession but I sure as hell ain’t losing hope
I pull it back and I breathe, moment of serenity
Out of nowhere, can it be? I see an opening
I don’t think, I just act, go for broke and don’t look back
Fade away, follow through, alright ball now it’s up to you
Sailing in slow motion
Dancing on the rim, bouncing round again
Buzzer sounds, and all around the crowd is thundering
It drops! It’s good! But we are still behind
We lost the game, oh well, there is always next time


from The Place to Be, released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


BTNKS Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pronounced beatniks, BTNKS is a collection of artists who love to write hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from everything we see or do. Drawing inspiration from Allen Ginsberg to Chuck-e-cheese, we're here to make good music, while also having a good time. Come to a show, dance with us, and try not to get hooked! ... more

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