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ft. Peter the Whaler, Sir Spectacle, Hooligan, and Sergeant Spin

I was born just Peter, but was abandoned at birth
So I ended up on a boat headed for the city of Perth,
And all of a sudden the boat crashed at sea
And a pod of blue whales swam up and adopted me.
They taught me to swim ,and to breath underwater
Even to speak whale, and became smarter
Than any type of arid land dwelling mammal
I lived with them for years, so I thought I was an animal
But one day they came to me and sighed,
And broken hearted, I replied, "WAHHAOOOAHAH"
But after some discussion, I understood what they meant,
That’s when off to the U.S.of-A. I was sent
So that I could meet humans, some other of my kind
But moments after I relearned to walk and got a dry land mind
I heard a bump of a beat that made me tap my feet
And a flow so smooth it reminded me of the sea
I asked the guys speaking what it was they were doing
But they pushed me aside and just kept groovin’
I learned from onlookers that what that was was hip-hop
And after the song was over, I begged them pleace don’t stop
They said I could come, come and cipher with them
And when it came my turn, I started spittin’, “WAHHAHOOOAHHA”
Immediately they stopped me then and I asked, "What was that for?" They told me to stop that wailing,son or they’d leave me beaten on the floor
I told them my story of my life, living with the whales
and that it was the language of my people, that this wail was of the whales
they didn’t believe me, and that became the norm
and that’s how my name Peter the Whaler was born

This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand

I was born in a small town to a simple fam
Had a farm and some livestock and a little land
My father he had wished for a strapping young lad
That could help him with all of the farm work that he had
Unfortunately, you see I wasn’t quite that
While I wanted to help him out, I was blind as a bat
I tried shearing sheep; they ended up dead
My dad said, “I can’t sell wool when it’s red!”
I was alright at milking the cow until I found out
That it was actually the bull and got kicked in the mouth
One day when I was six, I got lost in the field
Cried out for help but all I heard was a squeal
From a pig that I accidentally stepped on
There wasn’t nothing to do but keep walking so I kept on
Trekking for hours, and eventually
I ran into what had to have been a tree
I smashed up my face and landed on my ass
When my hand ran across something laying in the grass
I picked the thing up, wondering just what it could be
And the thing that happened next, you would never believe
It flew out of my hand and landed on my face
A magical pair of spectacles that came from outer space
All of a sudden, for the first time ever I could see
All of these beautiful shapes and colors surrounding me
And it didn’t stop there, I could see other dimensions
And terrifying things, which I will not mention
Fast forward 20 years, I’m visiting the queen
When a monster appears the likes of which you’ve never seen
No one else could see it, just its path of destruction
So I slayed it, didn’t bother with introductions
The queen said “Young man, your bravery was exceptional;
Thus, I hereby dub thee ‘Sir Spectacle’”

This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand

Check yourself- Don’t act a fool again
Cause I’m poppin pills every day
Hah- no worries just my allergins
Red hair don’t care, been pale since my origin
I’m spillin out the womb and yellin “Yo my name is hooligan!”
Haters say they make a millie, yeah I’m makin ten
Fools misuse their words they try to harm me man
Well keep it comin’, I won’t deny it take it in
Cause all their foolin’s simply fuelin’ ink into my pen
A white boy rapper in a cardigan, a fad again?
Fancy lookin like the inside of the Raddison
Regardin’ me, cause I’m playin the game
Let me tell a little story how I got my name
I was on the street tryna live a normal life
Find a job make some money maybe even find a wife
But little did I know that I would be straight thuggin
Mixed up with the wrong crowd, side arm huggin
For defense from these haters Cause I’m da streets hottest
Not Tryna brag But I aint bein modest
Start to run around with all the fly honies
No complaints here- just makin’ money
You think its funny?
It aint always sunny on my side
Flip side, rip it like a joy ride
A confidant that you cannot confide
In, cause I’m here to win, not make friends
So I started going by a different name
Cause my cruel and foolish life had really changed the game
So I’m not runnin fast
Only slow again
Cause now I bear the title of the Hooligan
Since then the rest is history
Missin me? Bliss to be a rappin appendectomy
Takin vital organs
Cause where the best of whats around
So I’ll lean and I’ll roll and I’ll bounce to the BTNKS sound

This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand

Raised up by the government
Born by the President
Taught never to be hesitant
This is obviously evident
Woke up wired, thought I was hired, never tired
Wasn’t long till everyone was thrown into the fire of my desir1e
Ring ring ring.. Hello, may I help you
Sir, everybody just escaped from sector 2
What do you want me to do? I just woke up in this zoo
Of blind insanity, under this canopy, can not we, find somebody
Else to do the job, but had no idea my identity had just been robbed
Like the really annoying dude in what about bob
Shuttled off to the soviet
My country I must lead it
But not leave it to beaver
Or else death by a cleaver
Neither were we told the plan
Just given instructions in a can
Not to return to the motherland
But when I do I’ll be the man.
Walked into the city, the city I would soon learn I should pity
Because the capsule had made me giddy, just call me chiddy chiddy
Bang bang rang my gun, Now I’m just having fun
A laser coming out my arm, and this was to my alarm
People screaming in the streets, Cause I was the symbol of defeat
As the fire burned around, and I was standing my ground
Against the rain of bullets coming overhead,
In my youth I would have probably wet the bed, and that’s hard to hear said.
In all honesty I destroyed the city, and went home and showed my witty
Remarks, like finding rainbows in the dark of a park.
The President came in to meet with me, and he I was happy to see
So to explain this grand masterpiece, but he just threw me up for lease.
When I questioned why, he put his hands up to the sky
And asked if I was so blind, for myself I didn’t find
Than the gears began to spin, I wasn’t like normal men
Wasn’t one to fit in, Like Jesus dealing with sin
The president just grinned, because he saw the robot within
Then he turned to me and said, welcome home Seargent Spin.

This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand
This is who we are, head heart hand


from The Place to Be, released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


BTNKS Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pronounced beatniks, BTNKS is a collection of artists who love to write hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from everything we see or do. Drawing inspiration from Allen Ginsberg to Chuck-e-cheese, we're here to make good music, while also having a good time. Come to a show, dance with us, and try not to get hooked! ... more

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