Previous Small Nothings

from by BTNKS



ft. Hooligan, Sergeant Spin, Sir Spectacle, and Peter the Whaler

It's time for clever wordplay DJ lay-dem beats
People so impressed when I sit down they stand to their feet
So haters take a seat- ballin' like my name is LeBron
Flyin' Solo like hahn but you still can't even take my heat!
Nah im just joshin, makin a funny face like chris boshin
Bashin my name? It's only you that'll end up squashed in the ground
So check my past cause my dirty laundry's washin
I do my best with what I'm given but I'll never be Paul Baloche man
That being said I invite all kinds of criticism
But be warned my wits pretty quick when its faced against your cynicism
Speakin' my mind with lyricism, no time for petty arguments
Like if i chose my own words or they were predestined by hyper calvinism
But I am willing to free your minds from predispositions
Like not every middle eastern is on a holy destruction mission were missin the point our hate is a weapon, we're always wishin were better, but the truth is, our words are our own ammunition

Oooh, learn a thing or two
We're cool because we're new
We're just some dudes
Doing what we do

I bet you wouldn't know that I have flow, smoother than the wind blows, through my halo, like pouring down a drain with drano
Cuz they know, that I reiterate with repetition, reppin' ritz and bitz with my alliteration, alienation, always answering and asking about an arrangement of doubt blasting out a spout because in this rap game's a drought of meaning, we're leaning, I'm being an icon of a dream, so it seems that we are trying to be the next best thing
Underestimated, underdressed we made it, laid it under a beast that thundered and I just can't help but wonder whether or not you understand the symbolic psychotic tick that we get from spittin' lyrics that mimic all the bites that we bit
Now back to the plan, secret plans like Iran
I ran races, got first places, waved at all the smiling faces
Joined the BTNKS, just so I get my fix of being fixated on a goal no longer lost without a role like

Oooh, learn a thing or two
We're cool because we're new
We're just some dudes
Doing what we do

I spit like a camel, my grill is enamel
Hotter than flannel, and I can take longer than a preamble that rambles
Man I can handle a handful of damsels in sandals
I'm scandalous, grand, a mammal, and on demand like the channel
I see you're eager for me to leave and relieve your fever
My pricy ice opens your eyes wider than a receiver
Move over Stanley Steemer, I'm cleaner than leave it to beaver
Over-achiever, and then minus the over, I'm neither
Gracious me, it would seem as though I giving you seizures
The way that I'm making you shake like you're stuck in a freezer
And I don't care about making a name for myself, fame, or the wealth
Cuz I'm less about the business than leisure
I'm saying sentences like the jury's made their decision
My spectacular vernacular's accurate like precision
And if I ever happen to make a mistake when I'm rappin
You know that I'll be taking it from the top like division

Oooh, learn a thing or two
We're cool because we're new
We're just some dudes
Doing what we do

The aesthetic in my rhetoric is symmetric
While radially radiating the superior, Dur Fuhrer
Of fury with a hung jury, tons of spice, courier
With a message, no massage for the uptight
Got a knot, not it
An anecdotalist, fabulous but not a fabulist
This is my rhapsody, free-form with free-style
You're a nocturne, I’ll sleep while
Sabotaging the saboteurs
Pogonotrophic, I’m hairier than you
Weaving in and out of lines, I’m looming about
Don’t ever expect to understand what comes out my mouth
They say it’s nerd rap, but I’m not N.E.R.D.
So tread lightly, scribble quietly
Your confined to your crayola box, my colour is Peter the Boss
With lyrics so potent, there’s potential in my stops
You think your street cuz you said “purp” over a beat?
Congratulations, you’re what vienna sausage is to meat.

Oooh, learn a thing or two
We're cool because we're new
We're just some dudes
Doing what we do


from The Place to Be, released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


BTNKS Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pronounced beatniks, BTNKS is a collection of artists who love to write hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from everything we see or do. Drawing inspiration from Allen Ginsberg to Chuck-e-cheese, we're here to make good music, while also having a good time. Come to a show, dance with us, and try not to get hooked! ... more

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