The Place to Be

from by BTNKS



ft. Sergeant Spin, Peter the Whaler, Sir Spectacle, and Hooligan

So I went to this place down by the mall
Actin real big but the honies was small
Ordered me a pizza, of course with extra cheesea
They said dude you gots to leaveza,
I said first you must say pleasea.
The schizo mouse was goin loco
So I put him in a chokehold,
All his buddies came in and stopped it
Then I woke up in the ball pit.
Straight went nuts up in that cell
Because every time I fell, I couldn’t tell
Whether I was fine or struggling up a well.
Like the one my mother kept me in, till the day I wouldn’t sin
But wait just listen I didn’t mind cause girls was kissin me all on my face like I wasn’t no disgrace, and I was rippin at their lace like a cat on a mouse chase.

Getting my chuckie chuckie chuckie chuckie
Cheese is the place to be, is the place to be

Roll up to my spot: Chuck-e-Cheese, Chuck-e-Cheese
Got my eyes on the prize: Chuck-e-Cheese, Chuck-e-Cheese
They say ticket-wise, I need four thousand and three
For those nun-chucks and throwing stars I desperately need
Make my way over to skee-ball
Grip it and rip it, 10 after 10, I sink ‘em all
They call me the master
You can’t do it any faster
After 20 minutes, I hit up the pirate’s chest
I walk up, close my eyes, let my fingers do the rest
Jackpot again, and again, and again, that’s right i’m the best
Now I’m in the ball pit, which oddly smells like piss
And a mechanical mouse, yeah, is sprayin’ all the kids
What tha’ h, is this Mickey Mouse and R. Kelly mixed?
I’m confused and musky, I need to get out of this
So I quickly get out, steal pizza out of a kid’s mouth
Head over to the counter, and throw the tickets on the glass
A pimply boy asks, "What would you like?"
I tell him those, and point to my chucks and spikes
He tell me that he needs parental consent
So I smash his face into the glass, shards destroy his face
Tell him next time don’t mess with me, and you won’t end up all over the place
Give the tickets to some little kid I don’t even know
And ride out real slow
They ask to see my hand, so that I can’t escape
What is this Alcatraz? and I bust out of the place

Getting my chuckie chuckie chuckie chuckie
Cheese is the place to be, is the place to be

Welcome to the fun zone, gonna have a blast
Tokens all day so my high score lasts
Spittin out tickets like stacks on stacks
Upchucking cheese pizza, too many snacks
Let me see the prizes hanging on your racks
You know I can afford it, you don't gotta ask
Alien invaders better step back
Run and hide from my laser gun attack
Tunnel, slide, ball pit, jump, run, crawl, sit
Freethrow, toss it, another miss, aw shit
I like my bands to be animatronic
What's that? Birthday cake? Already on it
I ride the kiddie rides, you climb up and down the slide
Go in the ball pit and hide, c'mon, let's go get Chuckified

I’ve got a nack for pizza covered in some pepperoni
Phony food watchin cartoons like Fred Flinstoney
Reembracin childhood I wish I could so I think I can
Hoppin in the car with my crew to hit up chuck e cheeses man
A big fan of games, winnin tickets by the gillyans
Cause Imdabes at whack a mole my high scores in the millions
I got my sweatband on with my eyes on the prize
But I don’t always need tickets to snag the people’s eyes
I got my quarters, cause people know who we are
BTNKS by night, but in the day we’re playin DDR

Getting my chuckie chuckie chuckie chuckie
Cheese is the place to be, is the place to be


from The Place to Be, released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


BTNKS Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pronounced beatniks, BTNKS is a collection of artists who love to write hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from everything we see or do. Drawing inspiration from Allen Ginsberg to Chuck-e-cheese, we're here to make good music, while also having a good time. Come to a show, dance with us, and try not to get hooked! ... more

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