The Sergeant and I

from by BTNKS



ft. Sir Spectacle, Peter the Whaler, and Sergeant Spin

3 in the morning, jump a train
Let's take a little journey through my brain
And feign the pain of the vericose vein
Until we make it rain like David Blaine
The main event, I came and went
Spent too many dollars to make sense
Intense with the ladies and gents
I got the hot air blowing through the vents
Propensity to density, so close like it was meant to be
I lent my keys out, sent them accidentally
To a man with an accent, went to leave
But he persisted with a please, so I succumbed
Played a little bit of bongo on his drums
Till the day was done. Barrumpumpumpum.
Some would say, I don't understand why he acts that way
But they lack the facts he got packed away
All back in the back since back in the day
I'm just snacking away, and I'm not gonna say
I'm not shocked by the chocolate packets you gave me
As a matter of fact could you save me
A little bitty piece of that ruthless baby
A white and gleaming unicorn, guiding us right into the storm
My uniform gives me the authority
To inform you I am putting you under house arrest
For trying to break into my treasure chest
This chest of drawers, unless they’re yours
And then of course you can open up the doors and be my guest

A forest of flourescence with the essence of the present
Present me with a conundrum that’s no fun
Fundamentally abnormal I slow down the formal
Into the presence of the normal
Round out what I want, round out what I get
There’s a turtle with it’s shell made out of baskets
Push and pull, pull it and push it,
Underestimate that there’s no time for music.
Twinkle-twinkle little star, I wonder, wonder what you are
Could you be Mufasa’s face, floating out in outerspace
Skeletons look and dismember, but I’m quick to remember
It’s raining it’s pouring, forget the old man
Manage to get your hands dirty when the clean squeaks early
earlier and earlier, I match dollar for dollar,
Spices rack me up, and make me want to holler
Can I eat this? Can I eat this? I think I can eat this...
No I shouldn’t have
Racks on racks on racks
Miles of miles of miles
Stacks on stacks on stacks
I’ve been here for a while
That voice, was it God?
It was distorted enough, I think not
I think it was
Telling me wisdom from above
To clean up my act, I don’t understand that
I whisper in the morgue, where the dead meat all lies
They bargain for the thighs they bargain for the thighs
Tear it up, tear it up, rip rip, the bag lady sprints
I don’t understand, what is this land?
Can we ever know?
I don’t think so.
Help me out when i’m trapped
You opened the door, that released that
Monster of monstrosities
An anomoly of hypocrisy
The man tries to be
But can never see
Sea salt and the crackin’
Pop me up Mr. Flinstone
Your pushpops were amazing
And now I'm craving, and orange and lime snack
I hope they got that, I hope they got that

Uhh.. so many lights, bright lights, white lights at the end of the tunnel, visions getting funneld, funnal cakes, funnal shakes, I’m getting the shakes and quakes from the man comin for me, I bet it’s because he can’t help but adore me, war he- ro, getting low, low blow, crouching low finding prey, to take away, scratch and sniff the hay on the black mat, top hat, the dudes wearing a top hat, tom cat, tom and jerry plus a fairy, minus the hairy lumberjack in the back flippin flap jacks doing black magack, slippin drugs into my back pack. Man this is getting whack. Getting colder than a bear in the polar, opening doors that are fuller, and bolder than mints, do you get the hint. Pulling lint from the kangaroo pouch, hey roo can I hang with you, me and you could be coo, like Winnie the pooh, Buy some jerky chew and walk around like without a clue, but this will have to wait for later, cause I got haters sittin on me, making me want to pee, but I can’t aim because I’ve been hit with a cane, and I’m bound like Bane with a hand over my mouth and hands held tight by some metal bear trap, now I’m getting zapped, I’m gone.


from The Place to Be, released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


BTNKS Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pronounced beatniks, BTNKS is a collection of artists who love to write hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from everything we see or do. Drawing inspiration from Allen Ginsberg to Chuck-e-cheese, we're here to make good music, while also having a good time. Come to a show, dance with us, and try not to get hooked! ... more

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